How to Stay Healthy while on Holiday

Holiday. Just the word itself evokes the idea of lounging by the pool, cocktails in hand, eating whatever you want. Holidays are usually about indulgence, making it difficult to pass up that ice cream sundae or those really cheap beers and wines on offer. It’s easy to leave that nutritionally savvy and active version of yourself at home when you get to another country, and though trying to stay healthy while on holiday can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be impossible. So here are some tips.

Sleep Well
Let’s be honest, the point of going on holiday is to feel relaxed and refreshed, right? Well the main component to that is making sure you’re getting enough sleep.
Travelling itself is tiring, so if your plane journey is long, why not consider taking the time to close those eyes and catch some z’s. Trust us, it beats feeling uncomfortable in your seats, plus you know that when you arrive at your destination, you’re wide awake and ready to explore wherever it is you are.

Eat Well
As we mentioned already, holidays are traditionally the time to indulge on food. How many times have you eaten junk and fast food only to justify your behaviour with the line “well I’m on holiday!” We’ve all probably done it at least once (or a hundred times) in our life. But being on holiday doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthily.
Eating well starts on the plane. Who says you have to eat those tasteless, frozen meals they dish up during your journey? Or what about those overpriced and unhealthy bag of crisps you’re likely to buy at the airport? One word – avoid. Pack healthy snacks for your plane journey. Whether it’s some fruit, or some granola bars, or even some trail mix, keep it light and keep it healthy. Nuts are a good choice too, but with some airlines restricting nuts due to allergy precautions, maybe leave those at home, or at the very least, unopened.

Exercise Well
You might think that holidays are for sitting by the pool and relaxing for eight hours every day, but you need to remember to keep your body active. It’s the foundation of good health. These days, all modern, higher standard hotels offer a gym or other recreational facilities to keep you active during your holiday, so there’s no excuse not to do even a short workout every day. And some of it might be easier than you think.

Even half an hour at the hotel gym every morning can keep you feeling fit and healthy. Don’t fancy that? You could always go for a run along the beautiful beach you’re near. Perhaps there is a tennis court in your complex you could use to keep active. Or why not actually swim in the pool instead of just sitting next to it? We think that sounds manageable. Whatever you choose to do to stay active and healthy, it will make all the difference.